Data types

The data type is the storage type for a field and determines how the field data is validated and indexed for search. In the .NET Delivery API client, the data type is represented as a DataType enum type.


public enum DataType


Type Description .NET Types
String Used for text entries such as titles, content or markup string
Integer A whole number short, int, long
Decimal A number with a fractional part decimal, double, float
Boolean A value of true or false bool
DateTime A point in time DateTime
Object Any arbitrary structure as JSON or a string object
StringArray An array of Strings string[], IList<string>
IntegerArray An array of Integers int[], IList<int>
DecimalArray An array of Decimals int[], IList<int>
DateTimeArray An array of DateTimes DateTime[], IList<DateTime>
ObjectArray An array of Objects object[], IList<object>

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