Things go wrong, either because the client is asking for something that does not exist, a network failure occurred or a bug is in the code. All non-success HTTP responses are treated as errors and are wrapped up in the client APIs to allow them to be handled.

Error types

Status Code Error Code Description
400 BadRequest The action is not valid
403 AccessDenied The action is not authorised for the current user
404 NotFound The resource does not exist at the specified endpoint
500 ServerError Something went wrong processing the request

Handling errors

Errors returned as HTTP errors are subsequently handled in an appropriate language specific manner.


@TODO: Needs to be updated as its got a save .

Handling .NET exceptions:

@using Zengenti.Contensis.Delivery;

    // Get a specific entry
    var entry = filmProject.Entries.Get("9c64e11e-fcf0-44a6-adff-41e13de15515");

    // Update a value
    entry.Set("yearOfRelease", 1978);

    // Commit the change
catch(ValidationException valEx)
    // Validation error(s)
catch(RestRequestException valEx)
    // Something went wrong, likely on the server
catch(Exception ex)
    // Something went wrong in the client API

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