Taxonomy fields

Fields defined as a taxonomy field (DataType = String, DataFormat = taxonomy) are automatically resolved in the Delivery API and returned as TaxonomyNode instances. A TaxonomyNode has a name, a path and child nodes.

The following example shows how a taxonomy node can be retrieved from an Entry.

// Create a client
var client = ContensisClient.Create();

// Get an entry
var movie = client.Entries.Get("c68054c1-6ce8-4e9c-94d3-3d8332c85352");

// Get the field value as a taxonomy node
var genreNode = movie.Get<TaxonomyNode>("genre");

If a taxonomy node instance has child nodes, then they can be accessed using the Children property of the node. The child nodes are auto-resolved from the service.

// Accessing the Children property resolves the child nodes
@foreach(var node in genreNode.Children)

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