The DateRange type represents a start and end point in time.


Name Type Description
From DateTime? The datetime the range starts
To DateTime? The datetime the range ends


The From and To properties are of type nullable DateTime and can be partly set.


The From value cannot be a later date than the To value.


Get a DateRange field object

@using Zengenti.Contensis.Delivery;

    // Create an API client
    var client = ContensisClient.Create();

    // Retrieve a movie by it's ID.
    var movie = client.Entries.Get("0aabad4e-a083-4a88-bd75-b2674e2f8298");

    // Get the field value as a DateRange instance.
    var filmingPeriod = movie.Get<DateRange>("filmingPeriod");

<div class="start">@filmingPeriod.From</div>

<div class="end">@filmingPeriod.To</div>

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