The PagedList is an object that is used to describe paging details for listing and search results.

Name Type Description
PageIndex int The zero-based index of the result set to return
PageSize int The size of the result set to return
TotalCount long The total number of results available
PageCount long The calculated page count based on the TotalCount and PageSize
Items IList<T> A container for the items being returned


The PagedList properties provide the information required to implement paging.

@using System.Web;
@using Zengenti.Data;
@using Zengenti.Contensis.Delivery;

    const int PageSize = 10;

    // Create a client instance 
    var client = ContensisClient.Create();

    // Get the pageIndex passed on the query string
    var selectedPageIndex = int.Parse(Request.QueryString["pageIndex"]);

    // Get the first 10 movie entries
    var moviesList = client.Entries.List("movies", new PageOptions(selectedPageIndex, PageSize));

    // Render a pager, applying a 'selected' class for the current page

<ul class="pager">
    @for(var index = 0; index < movieList.PageCount; index++)
        var selectedClass = (selectedPageIndex == index ? "selected" : null);

        // The class will only be applied if selectedClass is not null
        <li class="@selectedClass"><a href="#">@(index + 1)</a></li>

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