A project object can be used to understand the languages that the project supports and which language is the primary language. A client instance is initialized within the context of a single project, which can be accessible directly as a property of the client.


Name Type Description
Id string The project identifier, e.g. "movieDb". Found in the project overview screen of the management console.
Name string The friendly name given to the project
Description string The description text given to a project
SupportedLanguages IReadOnlyList<string> An array of all the languages supported by the project
PrimaryLanguage string LanguageCode The primary language for the project


This example renders a language drop-down based on the supported languages in the project

@using System.Globalization;
@using Zengenti.Contensis.Delivery;

    // Create the client
    var client = ContensisClient.Create();

    // Access the project that has been configured as the default project
    var project = client.project;

<select id="language_selector">

    @foreach(var lang in project.SupportedLanguage)
        <option value="@lang">new CultureInfo(lang).DisplayName</option>


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