The TaxonomyNode type represents a node in the taxonomy tree defined in Contensis. A TaxonomyNode can have child nodes which are automatically retrieved when the Children property is accessed.


Name Type Description
Key string The key for the taxonomy node
Name string The name of the taxonomy node
Path string The full path of the taxonomy node, including the current node name
Children IReadOnlyList<TaxonomyNode> Child taxonomy nodes


Get a taxonomy node field from an entry
@using Zengenti.Contensis.Delivery;

    // Create an API client
    var client = ContensisClient.Create();

    // Retrieve a movie by it's ID.
    var movie = client.Entries.Get("3bb72e32-1fc7-4289-bf65-60a5b8ce1f78");

    // Get the field value as a TaxonomyNode instance.
    var movieGenre = movie.Get<TaxonomyNode>("genre");

    <!--Render the taxonomy node name-->

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