Access token

Access to resources in the Delivery API requires that an accessToken value is provided with each request to the services. The accessToken can be set as either a HTTP header value or as a querystring parameter.

The accessToken can be obtained from the Contensis global settings screen from a setting called DeliveryAPI_AccessToken. This value is generated uniquely for each installation of Contensis.

Querystring example

GET: /api/delivery/projects/website/contenttypes/movies/?accessToken=kJpUHbj3HEO8u7mTzEgIqI5gVN1K5Y8DUZSPwmSMOzzDl7dB

Header example

GET: /api/delivery/projects/website/contenttypes/movies/
Content-Type: application/json
Accept: application/json
accessToken: kJpUHbj3HEO8u7mTzEgIqI5gVN1K5Y8DUZSPwmSMOzzDl7dB

Authorization claims

The Delivery API is limited to the following authorization claims which restricts resource access to read-only.

  • Project_read
  • ContentType_read
  • Entry_read

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