Data types

A data type is the storage type for a field, and determines how the field data is validated and indexed for search.

Contensis supports the following basic data types:

Type Description
string Used for text entries such as titles, content or markup
integer A whole number
decimal A number with a fractional part
boolean A value of true or false
dateTime A point in time
object Any arbitrary structure as JSON or a string
stringArray An array of strings
integerArray An array of integers
decimalArray An array of decimals
booleanArray An array of booleans
dateTimeArray An array of dateTimes
objectArray An array of objects


    "string": "This is a simple string",
    "integer": 24,
    "decimal": 1.34,
    "boolean": true,
    "dateTime": "2016-10-12T09:29:18.5144641+01:00",
    "object": {
        "id": "12345",
        "name": "item1"
    "stringArray": [
        "Item 1",
        "Item 2",
        "Item 3"
    "integerArray": [
    "decimalArray": [
        1.2, 3.4, 5.6
    "booleanArray": [
        true, false, true
    "dateTimeArray": [
    "objectArray": [
            "id": "12345",
            "name": "item1"
            "id": "67890",
            "name": "item2"

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