Status codes and error responses you can encounter when using the API.

The Delivery API returns error detail in a generic format so that it can be easily handled in a consistent way. Detailed error information is not exposed in the response to ensure security sensitive details are not leaked.

Typical HTTP status codes

Below are the current status codes returned from the Delivery API.

Status code Error code Description
400 BadRequest The request could not be understood or was missing required parameters
403 AccessDenied The action is not authorised for the current user
404 NotFound The resource was not found
500 ServerError An error occurred on the server. Something went wrong processing the request

Error response

Each response follows the same rules.

Name Type Format Description
logId string GUID The logId as a 128 bit GUID.
This can be used within the Contensis log search to understand further details about the error
message string A description of the error
data any An object containing specific data relevant to the error
type string The type of error - for the Delivery API, this will always be error

Example error response

500 - ServerError

  "logId": "63cb1df0-b82a-459e-accc-635e187f3b8b",
  "message": "An error occurred requesting the entry",
  "data": {
      "entryId": "ba8a92bd-0e5f-465e-acec-3cdb3db38df6",
      "projectId" "moveiDb"
  "type": "error"

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