Content type

A content type resource can be retrieved from the Delivery API to understand the schema of an entry. Entries are constructed and validated using the information defined in the fields collection.


Name Type Format Description
id string A unique content type identifier
projectId string The project identifier, e.g. "movieDb". Found in the project overview screen of the management console
name object Localized value The friendly name given to a content type
description object Localized value The description text given to a content type
entryTitleField string The id of the field which should be used as the title in entry listings
fields object [...] Field A collection of fields that form the schema for an entry
enabled boolean
defaultLanguage string Language code
supportedLanguages string [...] Language code
workflowId string The workflow that derived entries will
dataFormat string Either entry or asset
previewUrl string The URL where an example of an entry based on the content type can be viewed
version object Version Version information about the content type


The field object is the definition of a field within an entry. The field also contains the validations and editor configuration that is used within the Contensis UI and services.


Name Type Format Description
id string A unique field identifier
name object Localized value A friendly name for the field
description object Localized value The description for the field's purpose
dataType string Data type The field data type
dataFormat string Data type The field data format
default object Localized value The default value for the field if no value is provided by an editor
validations object The validations that will be performed on the field when the entry is either created or updated
editor object Editor Configuration for the Contensis entry editor

Localized value

A localized value is an object that has values that are keyed by language codes which allows multilingual variations of a specific property.


<span id="content_type_name"></span>
(function(Zengenti) {
    // Create a client
    var client = Zengenti.Contensis.Client.create();

    $(function() {
        // Get the movie content type
        client.contentTypes.get('movie').then(function(movieContentType) {       


        }, function(error) {


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