Date range

The date range object represents a start and end point in time.


Name Type Format Description
from datetime The date and time the range starts
to datetime The date and time the range ends


The from value cannot be greater than the to value.


<div id="film_start"></div>

<div id="film_end"></div>
(function(Zengenti) {
    // Create a client
    var client = Zengenti.Contensis.Client.create();

    $(function() {
        var movieId = 'd11315cb-4278-455b-84bb-04698db0ebd2';

        // Get the default language variation of the film
        client.entries.get(movieId).then(function(film) {    
            // Get the filming period quote value
            var filmingPeriod = film.filmingPeriod;  

            // display the filming period


        }, function(error) {


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