An entry definition in the Delivery API contains a mixture of standard properties and properties that have been defined by the content type that an entry is based on.

Data properties

Data properties are items defined by the fields collection set in a content type.

Standard properties

These are the standard properties that all entries have. The language property is the indexer for the entry data as an entry can have multiple language variations which can be be edited and versioned independently. In the Delivery API context only a single language variation is available on an entry.


Name Type Format Description
field id Any Any Field data that is defined in the associated content type. The data is keyed by a unique field id.
sys object Sys The container of the entry system data


Name Type Format Description
id string GUID The entry identifier as a 128 bit GUID
projectId string The project identifier, e.g. "movieDb". Found in the project overview screen of the management console
contentTypeId string The API identifier of the content type that the entry is based on
dataFormat string Either entry or asset
language string Language code The language code of the entry variation
uri string URI The entry uri
metadata object Metadata associated with the entry instance
version object Version Version info specific to the entry variation


<h1 id="film_title"></h1>
<p id="film_overview"></p>
(function(Zengenti) {
    // Create a client
    var client = Zengenti.Contensis.Client.create();

    $(function() {
        var movieId = 'd11315cb-4278-455b-84bb-04698db0ebd2';

        // Get the default language variation of the film
        client.entries.get(movieId).then(function(film) {    
            // display the film's title and overview   
        }, function(error) {


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