A Node represents a location within the navigational structure of a website. The linking of nodes as parent-child relationships forms the hierarchical structure of a website, with a node having a single parent and (optionally) multiple child nodes. A single entry can optionally be assigned to a node.


Name Type Description
id string The node identifier
parentId string The node's parent identifier
projectId string The project identifier, e.g. 'movieDb'. Found in the project overview screen of the management console
slug string The slug of the node, unique within it's containing node, e.g. 'about-us'
displayName string The node slug display name
language string The node language
path string The path the node is navigable on
childCount integer The count of child nodes
children node[] If a depth is specified when requesting a node then the children field would include the descendant nodes to the specified depth
entry entry The entry associated with the node, if requested
isCanonical boolean Whether this node is the canonical node for the entry
version.versionNo string The version number of the node
includeInMenu boolean 'true' if the node should be included in menus; Does not stop the node from being navigable.

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