Data formats

The data format property is used as an extension of a data type to describe the structure and intent of the data. For example, a location has a data type of object, and a data format of location. Another example is a HTML block, which has a data type of string and a data format of html.

The data format is a string value and is designed to allow custom types to be added.

Supported data formats

The following list contains the data formats that are currently understood by Contensis:

Data format Data type Description Applicable Validations
entry object An entry format for storing content. required
asset object An asset format that represents a file resource. required
location object Represents a point on the surface of the Earth. required
quote object A quote with text and a source. required
dateRange object Represents a range of date times. required
image object Wraps an Asset with an additional caption property. required
field objectArray Represents a composed type, defined as an objectArray data type. required
component.* object Represents a component type. The asterisk represents the component id. required
heading string Represents a document heading. required
html string A string of HTML markup. required
markdown string A string of markdown markup. required

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