Contensis HTTP Management API


The Management API allows you to create and manage entries within Contensis. Our primary aim with this version of the API is to enable you to easily import/integrate content from other systems.

The API is a RESTful service to ensure maximum compatibility, delivering content as JSON and resource files (assets) as text or binary files. The life-cycle of content is controlled by workflow which can be controlled by invoking permissiod events. We currently provide a .NET client API wrapper to simplify using the API.

Key concepts


Get a project GET /api/management/projects/{projectId}/
Create a project POST /api/management/projects/
Update a project PUT /api/management/projects/{projectId}/
List projects GET /api/management/projects/
Delete a project DELETE /api/management/projects/{projectId}/


Get an entry GET /api/management/projects/{projectId}/entries/{entryId}
Create an entry POST /api/management/projects/{projectId}/entries/
Update an entry variation PUT /api/management/projects/{projectId}/entries/{entryId}
List entries GET /api/management/projects/{projectId}/entries/
List entries by content type GET /api/management/projects/{projectId}/contenttypes/{contentTypeId}/entries/
Delete an entry DELETE /api/management/projects/{projectId}/entries/{entryId}
Delete an entry variation DELETE /api/management/projects/{projectId}/entries/{entryId}?language=comma separated list of languages
Invoke a workflow event
Unpublish an entry
POST /api/management/projects/{projectId}/entries/{entryId}/workflow/events/


Get a role GET /api/management/projects/{projectId}/security/roles/{roleId}
Create a role POST /api/management/projects/{projectId}/security/roles/
Update a role PUT /api/management/projects/{projectId}/security/roles/{roleId}
List roles GET /api/management/projects/{projectId}/security/roles/
Delete a role DELETE /api/management/projects/{projectId}/security/roles/{roleId}


Get permissions for a resource GET /api/management/projects/{projectId}/security/permissions/{resourceType}/{resourceId?}?userId={userId}
Get authorization for a resource action GET /api/management/projects/{projectId}/security/permissions/{resourceType}/{resourceId?}/actions/{action}?userId={userId}

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