A component determines a reusable schema added to content types which entries are then created from. Components contain a list of fields just like content types, and allow for a standardized schema for modelling content.Find out more about components on ZenHub

Get a component

Gets an existing component by the component Id.

GET /api/management/projects/{projectId}/components/{componentId}


Name Parameter type Type Format Description
projectId path string The project identifier, e.g. "movieDb". Found in the project overview screen of the management console.
componentId path string The component identifier.
versionStatus query string The version status, either published or latest. The default is latest.
version query string {Major}.{Minor} The version number of the resource.

Example request

GET: /api/management/projects/movieDb/components/movieRole/

Response message

HTTP status code Reason Response model
200 Success Component
401 Unauthorized Error
404 NotFound Error
500 InternalServerError Error


If a specific versionNo value has been provided then the versionStatus value will be ignored.

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