API key

An API key resource contains the client credential details and access token required to use the Contensis APIs. Project and individual API access is controlled with specific scopes.


Name Type Format Description
id string The API key identifier as a 128 bit GUID
name string The API key name
description string An optional description for the API key
enabled boolean A flag to enable or disable the API Key
flows object[] The supported flows for the API key
scopes string[] {api}_{projectId} The list of project api scopes, e.g. delivery_website
createdBy string The user id of who created the API key
created string datetime The date and time the API key was created
modifiedBy string The user id of who last modified the API key
modified string datetime The date and time the API key was last modified


When a new API key is created, both a clientCredentials and accessToken flow are created automatically.


    "id": "8f3dad0f-9ac3-450f-a825-0457542c04c7",
    "name": "Main website",
    "description": "Allows read/write for website project and also access to internal for meeting information",
    "enabled": true,
            "id": "4946173e-3610-4ce6-8b68-f20338ac0070",
            "grantType": "clientCredential",
            "clientId": "mainWebsite",
            "clientSecret": "09750005d532433f8b4963d84958974809cf1d276bd44d979d5c5d0175ec590156712fd1283f4c64a7e4d7fbfc66693b" 
            "id": "f23b54ba-1796-49cc-90eb-2159c66e1f8a",
            "grantType": "accessToken",
            "token": "3gNAeyXAqClzWd4XH8kL4zFgxskDntaNtPkVXBOXjFKs6Mx3",
    "scopes": [
    "createdBy": "s.derrickson",
    "created": "2016-10-12T09:29:18.5144641+01:00",
    "modifiedBy": "b.cumberbatch",
    "modified": "2020-03-24T14:51:35.7048498Z"

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