Entry usage info

The entry usage info object contains a subset of entry data to describe an entry. This is used when retrieving a list of entries which link to an entry


Name Type Format Description
id string GUID The entry identifier as a 128 bit GUID.
title string The title of the linked entry.
description string The description of the linked entry.
fieldId string The API identifier of the field where the entry is linked from.
contentTypeId string The API identifier of the content type that the linked entry is based on.
dataFormat string Either entry or asset.
language string Language code The language code of the entry variation.


This JSON example shows an entry usage info object based on a linked actor entry.

    "id": "3995f92c-2b3c-45bb-b2a6-1f1b6314be7a",
    "title": "Brad Pitt",
    "description": "William Bradley \"Brad\" Pitt (born December 18, 1963) is an American actor and film producer.",
    "fieldId": "actor",
    "contentTypeId": "actor",
    "dataFormat": "entry",
    "language": "en-GB"

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