Name Type Format Description
uuid string UUID The renderer identifier as a 128 bit GUID.
id string The renderer api identifier
projectId string The project api identifier
name string The renderer friendly name
description string An optional description for the renderer
layoutRendererId string An reference to the renderer that will wrap the current renderer output with additional markup
assignedContentTypes string[...] A list of content types that the renderer will handle the renderering of derived entries for
rules object[...] rule The renderer rule conditions
version object version The version details for the renderer resource


Name Type Format Description
return object The default result from the renderer rule execution


    "uuid": "7622b5f7-e245-4226-9e64-3aeafa930eae",
    "id": "newsRecord",
    "projectId": "movieDb",
    "name": "News record",
    "description": "Renders news record entries",
    "layoutRendererId": "layout",
    "assignedContentTypes": [
    "rules": [
            "return": {
                "blockId": "news",
                "endpointId": "news-record",
                "version": "latest"
    "version": {
        "versionNo": "2.0",
        "created": "2020-02-13T10:15:12.1973648+01:00",
        "createdBy": "t.durden",
        "modified": "2020-02-13T10:15:12.1973648+01:00",
        "modifiedBy": "t.durden",
        "published": "2020-02-13T10:15:12.1973648+01:00",
        "publishedBy": "t.durden"

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