Move a node

Moves a node.

This is a special case of updating a node. By changing the parent id of a node and updating the node and all of its children will be moved so that they are now descendants of the parent node, with the same hierarchical structure.

PUT /api/management/projects/{projectId}/nodes/{nodeId}

Name Parameter type Type Format Description
projectId path string The project identifier, e.g. "movieDb". Found in the project overview screen of the management console.
nodeId path string GUID The identifier of the node to update
node body object Node The node object to update

Example request

PUT: /api/management/projects/website/nodes/d6bdea41-729c-4a07-85bf-a392aa0afc2b

    // Change the parent id to move the node
    "parentId": "f3322e4f-72b5-4064-be88-fcfed6c82635",
    "title": {
        "en-GB": "Tiger Escaped From Zoo"
    "slug": {
        "en-GB": "tiger-escaped-from-zoo"
    "entryId": "9272ac06-1b3a-4e68-ac1b-a05828b0f7d6"

Response messages

HTTP status code Reason Response model
200 OK Node
401 Unauthorized Error
404 NotFound Error
409 ResourceAlreadyExists Error
422 ValidationError Error
500 InternalServerError Error

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