User and Group Identifiers

For convenience, User and Group objects can be identified by using one of several identifiers.

For example, a User can be identified by Username, Id or Email Address. A Group can be identified by Name or Id.

A combination of identifiers can be used if an endpoint requires both types of object.

Available User Identifiers

Identifier Format Description
Id GUID The user Id
Username string The user Username
Email address string The user email in valid email format

Available Group Identifiers

Identifier Format Description
Id Guid The group Id
Name string The group name

Example requests

User requests

GET: /api/management/security/users/82f73a9b-2a13-4d63-bcc1-e8ee5047b01c
GET: /api/management/security/users/tdurden
GET: /api/management/security/users/

Group requests

GET: /api/management/security/groups/82f73a9b-2a13-4d63-bcc1-e8ee5047b01c
GET: /api/management/security/groups/Paper%20Street%20Soap%20Company

Combination requests

HEAD: /api/management/security/groups/9bb89380-fd49-41a5-ab2f-fc25e482a251/users/9f02a3d1-d8eb-4b10-8ed6-293a11d5201f
HEAD: /api/management/security/groups/9bb89380-fd49-41a5-ab2f-fc25e482a251/users/tdurden
HEAD: /api/management/security/groups/9bb89380-fd49-41a5-ab2f-fc25e482a251/users/
HEAD: /api/management/security/groups/Paper%20Street%20Soap%20Company/users/3d063773-2ca9-4baf-90e1-ed674fa68640

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