List groups

Group resources can be retrieved as a paged list.

GET /api/management/security/groups/?order={order}&q={q}&pageIndex={pageIndex}&pageSize={pageSize}


Name Parameter type Type Format Description
pageIndex query number integer The index of the page.
pageSize query number integer The number of results per page. The default is 25.
q query string A simple case-insensitive query to perform a 'contains' search over group names.
order query string Comma-separated list A comma-separated list of properties to order the results by.
Prefix property with - for descending order.

Example request

GET: /api/management/security/groups?q=mayhem

Response message

HTTP status code Reason Response model
200 Success Pagedlist<Group>
403 Forbidden Error
404 NotFound Error
500 InternalServerError Error

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